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Video Highlights of Past Shows and Improv Games

Gene Pool Party at the Miami Improv Fest (Jan. 2018)

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MIF2018-The Miami Improv Festival in Miami FL January 11-14 2018 at Just the Funny Theater. On the first night, Thursday January 11 at 8 pm, Gene Pool Party from Bonita City Improv in Bonita Beach FL takes the stage for musical improv. Keyboard by Tony Tata. Gene Pool Party is a unique combination of 3 fathers and their teenage daughters.

Gene Pool Part at the Improv U's Palm Beach Improv Fest (Nov. 2017)

Gene Pool Party is an improv troupe made up of true improv families. Gene Pool Party does long form, all form, musical improv in the Southwest Florida area. Gene Pool Party is made up of dads and their real life daughters. We perform an all from musical improv in a hybrid style that in unlike anything seen before. We tell true, emotional, musical inspirational stories in a unique way.

Harry's Senior Moment "Trailer"

See what our improv troupe is all about!

Harry is a senior. He didn't think anything of doing comedy improv... until he was 81.

Sometimes life can be new again if you let it.  Watch the video for a peek at his story and clip of Harry's performance.   Join him and his friends from "Harry's Senior Moment" improv team for an entertaining show!

Arms Expert and 3-D Travel Slide Show

Improv Anonymous

One of the most hysterical Arms Expert scenes, "Mabel the one who teaches aardvarks to knit," with Lacy Richardson as my arms and Craig Price as the host.  It's followed by the entertaining 3-D Travel Slide show with the whole Improv Anonymous team plus some audience guests.

Sing For Your Supper

"Feels So Good" - Improv Anonymous (September 2015)

Audience suggestion for an original song - fleas is the subject and chorus is "feels so good."  I'm orchestrating a team of a very talented bunch of improv professions!

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